Microstock craft today

Why microstock is on my mind? Someone grumbles «It’s dumb, waste of time», other yells «Amazing!»… If you’re unsure, just try. Probably it will not seem a cakewalk (especially at first), but if you’ll persevere, the result can exceed all your expectations.

Books and links

A small collection of the books that have positive readers feedback. Also several references to the trusted thematic websites where you can find latest industry news, reliable analytics, and take part in heated topical discussions with other community members.

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Tools, tips, tricks

What is the best tool set for people who working with microstocks? Anyone has his own preferences. Nevertheless, I’d like to draw your attention to several helpful desktop and mobile apps, and web services.

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Stock photo in New Zealand

To learn more about the photographic community of New Zealand in general, please visit NZ Photo Info. More information and details of microstock craft in Aotearoa, will be presented…

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