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Stock photo in New Zealand

You may learn some statistics about New Zealand’s microstock contributors afforded by Stockfresh microstock agencies. Moreover here you’ll find a list of the most notable New Zealand’s photostock agencies as well as some information about New Zealand’s photography magazines and copyright law.

New Zealand’s photostocks and e-marketplaces:
  ¬ VectorStock — the largest royalty-free vector only stock agency in the world, which receives week thousands of new premium vector graphics, icons & illustrations
  ¬ KeyImagery — a collection of high-resolution, royalty-free stock photography and stock illustrations of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific
  ¬ mychillybin — kicked off in 2008 to give the creative world access to affordable, high quality images that celebrate all the great things about New Zealand life
  ¬ photonewzealand — one of the New Zealand’s leading stock image libraries representing the collective work of some top photographic talent since 2000
  ¬ Canvass — a library of Rights Managed (RM) photographic images that reflect New Zealand — its landscapes and people — in all their quirky grandeur
  ¬ PictureMojo — photo galleries of New Zealands’ full time stock photographers Colin and Linda McKie specialised in scenic, travel and food photography
  ¬ Sisson Stock Photos — extensive photography collection of New Zealand based photographers Todd and Sarah Sisson
  ¬ Pacific Stock Photography — a collection of images from photographers based in the South Pacific region, New Zealand, Australia and the surrounding islands. Was established in 1987 and currently represents about 80 professional photographers
  ¬ nzstockfootage — New Zealand’s leading royalty free stock footage resource provides access to high quality video clips filmed in New Zealand, Australia, South Pacific and globally by a team of acclaimed cinematographers
  ¬ PhotoSales NZ — contained thousands of high quality scenes of a New Zealand “flavor”. Not available now
  ¬ LightStock — was launched in 2011 in Auckland to provide quality New Zealand stock photos at a great value for cost rate. Not available now
  ¬ pipistock — pure New Zealand stock offers a numerous of high quality hand-picked royalty-free photos relevant to New Zealand. Not available now

New Zealand’s photography magazines:
  ¬ NZ Photographer is a free electronic magazine which covers every aspect of being a photographer and taking great photos. With fresh articles, on-going competitions, and thorough tutorials everyone from a budding amateur to a full-time professional can improve their skills and knowledge thanks to this magazine. Editorial team is led by Brady Dyer, a successful Wellington wedding and commercial photographer.
  ¬ D-Photo is an accessible and enjoyable guide for novice, amateur, and professional photographers alike. It focuses on the exploding popularity of digital photography and the huge demand for information on cameras and photography related products in New Zealand.

Copyright in New Zealand differs in many significant details that are important to know for both buyers and contributors. Copyright law of New Zealand is governed by the Copyright Act 1994 (with its subsequent amendments). All photos are automatically protected by copyright as “artistic works” under this Act. So there is no need to register copyright or go through any process to protect your photographs by copyright. The person who takes a photo is generally the first owner of copyright in the material (except two cases discribed in the Copyright Act).
  ¬ Copyright protection in New Zealand
  ¬ Copyright Act 1994
  ¬ Information Sheet for Photographers Copyright Council of New Zealand