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Books and links

“The book you don’t read can’t help”
Jim Rohn

A small collection of the books that have positive readers feedback. Also several references to the trusted thematic websites where you can find latest industry news, reliable analytics, and take part in heated topical discussions with other community members.

All web links mentioned below are made purely for information purposes, none of these links are referral. Also you may share this stuff if you wish...

Smth to read about microstocks and photography business…

¬ Stock Photography: Make Money Selling Photos Online, Robert Kneschke

¬ Stock Photography, 3rd Edition, Blair Howard

¬ Microstock Photography: How to Make Money from Your Digital Images, Douglas Freer

¬ Taking Stock: Make Money in Microstock Creating Photos That Sell, Rob Sylvan

¬ Monetizing Microstock: Turn Your Digital Photography into Income, Pete Saloutos

¬ Microstock Money Shots, Ellen Boughn

¬ 100 Secrets for Successful Selling on Microstock Photography Websites, Devin Elnick

¬ Getting Started in Stock, Steve Heap

¬ The Expanded Microstock Photographer’s Guide, Rasmus Rasmussen

¬ (micro)STOCK: From Passion to Paycheck, Nicole Young

¬ 99 Ways to Make Money from Your Photos, The Editors of Photopreneur Community Project

¬ Best Business Practices for Photographers, 2nd Edition, John Harrington

¬ The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan: Build a Successful Photography Venture from the Ground Up, Dane Sanders

…as well as about food styling and food photography…

¬ Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots, Nicole Young

¬ Digital Food Photography, Lou Manna

¬ Plate to Pixel: Digital Food Photography & Styling, Helene Dujardin

¬ Food Styling: The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera, Delores Custer

¬ Food Styling for Photographers: A Guide to Creating Your Own Appetizing Art, Linda Bellingham, Jean Ann Bybee

¬ More Food Styling for Photographers & Stylists: A guide to creating your own appetizing art, Linda Bellingham, Jean Ann Bybee, Brad Rogers

¬ MORE Digital Food Photography, Bill Brady

¬ Food Photography: Pro Secrets for Styling, Lighting & Shooting, Lara Ferroni

¬ The Food Stylist’s Handbook, Denise Vivaldo

¬ Wrightfood Food Photography Manual, Matt Wright

¬ Food Photography & Lighting: A Commercial Photographer’s Guide to Creating Irresistible Images, Teri Campbell

¬ Focus On Food Photography for Bloggers: Focus on the Fundamentals, Matt Armendariz

…and also just great books

¬ A Digital Photographer’s Guide to Model Releases, Dan Heller

¬ Business and Legal Forms for Photographers, 4th Edition, Tad Crawford

¬ 2014 Photographer’s Market, Mary Burzlaff Bostic (Editor)

¬ The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers, Peter Krogh

Trusted thematic web resources

¬ MicrostockGroup by Tyler Olson — the meeting place for microstock photographers, videographers and illustrators

¬ StockPhotoSecrets by Amos Struck — web resource that is working with stock photo buyers, stock photographers and stock photography agencies to interpret industry details for all of these audiences to support the ongoing development of stock photography

¬ Microstock Insider by Stephen Gibson — helpful guides, reviews and latest information for photographers choosing the best microstock sites to upload to

¬ Microstock Diaries by Lee Torrens —  analytical web resource for people who selling their photos online

¬ picWorkflow Blog by Robert Davies — analytical feeds about Microstock Tools and Technologies for Stock Photographers and Microstock Contributors